St. Albert the Great Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Program

Through a partnership with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Aquinas piloted a four-year STEM program for students with qualifying ability in Grades 5-8. Accelerated math courses for students in grades 5-8, science and engineering courses for grades 6-8, and our regular advanced technology courses. For more information click here.

Math Enrichment and Student Support Program (MESS)

Students in Grades 5-8 who are gifted in mathematics, but do not qualify for STEM, may be accepted into this program based on teacher recommendations. Students work in small groups with many different educational tools, including computers, manipulatives, games, and calculators. This program also serves students struggling with a particular concept are supported by the support of their small groups. These students are supported by small group instruction.

Advanced Language Arts (ALA)

The ALA program is a three-year program of study beginning in sixth grade for students who are academically motivated and desire a more rigorous course of study in language arts that keeps them constantly challenged and interested. The demanding program of study requires a high level of academic performance, discipline, and appropriate maturity for each student participating. More information about admission to the program can be found in the application below.

Application documents: ALA Full Application Packet, ALA placement test study guide

Resource Program

One full-time resource teacher, a part-time Title 1 teacher, and a full-time school counselor are on staff to assist students.