B.A. Journalism, University of Maine at Orono
M.A. Theology, University of Notre Dame
Secular Franciscan
VCEA certified
Advanced Catechist Certification, Diocese of Arlington
15 Year Teaching Experience


“Most High glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me true faith, certain hope, and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, that I may carry out Your holy and true command.”–St. Francis of Assisi

February Highlights

Students are reading their novel of the year in guided reading groups.  We are continuing to use Excellence in Writing for writing and are working on writing summaries of non-fiction articles and will move into reports from several sources.  In geography we are studying Europe and Russia.

Fifth Grade: A Time to Grow and Explore

Fifth graders explore the world through a survey of world geography beginning with North America before proceeding to other continents. We study the geographical features, climates, natural resources, brief histories, economics and cultures of regions throughout the world.  Students complete research projects on different countries.

In English we study grammar, conventions and explore and practice various styles of writing. Parts of speech are studied in depth and students practice diagramming sentences. This year we are implementing the Excellence in Writing method of writing instruction and students use key word outlines and checkoff lists to assure variety, proper content and correct style are used. A weekly writing prompt is assigned for homework each week.

Novels and short stories form the basis of reading instruction which focuses on literary elements,  genres, author’s purpose and analysis of writing. Students are expected to read daily and submit a weekly reading log signed by parents. Students have the goal of reading the equivalent of 25 books a year through a reading response challenge program.



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Feb. 15, 2018

English: No homework

Spelling: Test on Friday

Reading:  Holes, chapters 9 and 10; Shakespeare Stealer, chapters 6 and 7;  Stuart Little, chapter 5 are due Friday All students have a literary circle page to complete for Friday. We are using literary circles for discussion and each student has a job (worksheet) to complete . When one student does not complete the work, it affects the whole group.

Social Studies: No Homework

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