• Bachelors degree Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Teacher Consultant with the Northern Virginia Writing Project
  • Diocesan Teacher of the year 2012
  • Awarded ING Unsung Heroes Award for Innovations in Teaching 2012
  • 25 years teaching experience in Catholic Schools in Nebraska, New York and Virginia

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast.” –Hebrews 6:19




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Spelling List for the Week of February 18 Test will be next Friday.

Group 1:  wait, read, need, beast, toast, wheel, sheep, leak, coast, trail, deaf, three, neat, moan, sheets, meant, rail, cheek, pea, throat, dread, cream, sail

Group 2:  athlete, pilgrim, create, control, complete, children, poet, duet, pumpkin, monster, riot, mushroom, halfway, kitchen, trial, poem, English, hundred, cruel, giant, lion, kingdom, inspect, diet

Group 3:  collect, collection, express, expression, protect, discuss, protection, subtraction, select, construct, connect, oppress, selection, possess, subtract, confession, connection, construction, oppression, impress, possession, discussion, confess, impression

Group 4:  subversive, support, suffix, succumb, suspect, subjugate, suffer, supplement, suppress, sustain, successive, subdue, suspense, subconscious, suffrage, suffocate, susceptible, supplant, succinct, subcommittee, suburban, submissive, subsidize, supplies

Problem Solving test is on Wednesday, February 18 with a retake test on Friday for those who need it.

Problem Solving Study Guide