• Bachelors degree Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Teacher Consultant with the Northern Virginia Writing Project
  • Diocesan Teacher of the year 2012
  • Awarded ING Unsung Heroes Award for Innovations in Teaching 2012
  • 25 years teaching experience in Catholic Schools in Nebraska, New York and Virginia

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast.” –Hebrews 6:19




Wednesday, October 16


  • Simple Solutions #26
  • Decimal practice test tomorrow, final test Monday


  • Diagramming worksheet (please use your notes)

Tuesday, October 15


  • Simple Solutions #25
  • Finish packet begun in class
  • Study for test on Thursday (today’s packet should serve as a study guide)

Wednesday, October 9

Math:  Simple Solutions #23 (Test on Friday)

Spelling:  Google classroom activity and remaining ten sentences

Social Studies:  Study sheet on finding distance

Tuesday, October 8

Math:  Simple Solutions #22 Test on Friday (Please study difficult concepts)

Spelling:  Write a sentence for 10 of your assigned words.  Test on Friday

Social Studies: Review Map Skills Sheet 1

Map Skills Sheet 2

Monday, October 7

Math:  Simple Solutions #21  Test on Friday
Social Studies:  review Sheet on continents, oceans and using map skills  Test on Friday

Thursday, October 3

Math:  finish rounding sheet
complete Simple Solutions #20 (test tomorrow)
English:  Types of sentences worksheet
Spelling: study

Wednesday, October 2

Math:  Simple Solutions #19
English:  workbook page 5 and finish Fix-it rewrite begun in class
Spelling:  study for test on Friday

Tuesday, October 1

Math:  Simple Solutions #18
English:  workbook page 3
Spelling: cut and paste word sort into notebooks  Spelling City


All students will have the same list this week because it is a content area word list.  Next week’s list will also be a content area list.

  1. latitude
  2. longitude
  3. equator
  4. prime meridian
  5. Europe
  6. quotient
  7. difference
  8. equal
  9. decimal
  10. hundredth
  11. research
  12. hypothesis
  13. conclusion
  14. centimeter
  15. metric system
  16. interrogative
  17. imperative
  18. exclamatory
  19. declarative
  20. adjective

IXL Math Assignments for the week of October 7 (Due Tuesday, October 15)

All Groups:  fourth grade T1, T2, T3, T4 and T13 (Time will be given in class, but students should monitor their progress to ensure they are completely finished by October 15)

IXL Math Assignments for the week of September 30 (Due Monday, October 7)

Group A:  third grade review A.12, fourth grade A.24 and A.25
Group B:  fourth grade A. 24, A.25 and A.26
Group C:  Grade 4 A25 and Grade 5 A3 and A11