This is a class family where everyone is respected and treated fairly. 

Every day we pray together, share our ideas and cooperate. Each month we learn about a Virtue to practice and complete a project with our parents help pertaining to the virtue.  Students are expected to come to school prepared for an exciting day of learning.

We always do our best. We strive to listen carefully, follow directions, do neat work and get good grades. We treat others with LOVE, KINDNESS, and RESPECT. We are always polite, courteous and loving to others and ourselves. 

Our Specials Classes this year are on the following days:

Monday – P.E. (Remember to wear your P.E. uniform and bring water)

Tuesday –  Spanish and Music (Remember your recorder and music folder)

Wednesday – Art, Spanish, and Mass

Thursday – Computer

Friday – Library



 Ecosystems at the Park


Machines at the Mill


Upcoming class events are scheduled to help the class learn about seasonal topics.

Bless the Baby Jesus and Advent Celebration (Dec 21)


Image result for gaudete sunday italy 


Here are a few resources to study at home:

Social Studies –

Find the state on the map!


Match the state to its capital!



Practice your Spelling Words for Jan 28 – Feb 1st at https://quizlet.com/_5zc2wm


Previous lists:

Dec 10-14   https://quizlet.com/_5rmcwa

Dec 17- Jan 11 https://quizlet.com/_5tpu3h

Jan 15-25  https://quizlet.com/_5wxrk7