Race for Education

Race for the Green

Thank you for supporting our “Race for the Green”…to date, the PTO has raised $13,500 from this wonderful fundraiser!

Join our students in their “race for the green” as part of this year’s Race for Education!

Aquinas Faculty and students will be marking the path of St. Patrick as we Race around the track on March 15th.  Sister Kateri Rose will start the day discussing St. Patrick and his journey with the students in a group assembly. Then the students will race around the track, passing markers set out commemorating notable stops along St. Patrick’s path.


We ask for your financial support of Aquinas so that we may continue to provide a quality whole person Catholic education for our students.

Journey of St. Patrick
Journey of St. Patrick


How to Participate

Race Participation Form is due to your student’s homeroom teacher by Friday, February 23rd

Race for Education Prize Sheet

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On Thursday, March 15th, my school St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School will hold our 8th  annual “Race for Education. This year’s theme is Race for the Green as we celebrate the many miles St. Patrick walked during his journey of faith.

  Our goal is to raise $10,000! The funds raised will support the ongoing technology projects in our school. This fundraiser will help me have more hands-on time with an iPad or Chromebook!

Here are three ways you may sponsor me:

Race for Education

St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School

13750 Marys Way

Woodbridge, VA  22191

Thank you for your generosity.




Download the Race for Education letter template.  Please update the template for your student’s information and mail to your friends and family.

Some sample Personal messages (handwritten by student) are:

  • Please help me have more hands on time with an iPad.
  • Please support my school.
  • I love my school.  Please help me raise money for it.



Want to support the Race, but don’t want to contact friends and family?  You may support the Race with your “Green” by using the donation form on the left.

Journey of St. Patrick


Patrick was kidnapped by Irish pirates from his home in Roman Britain (current day Wales).  He was taken to Ireland to work as a slave on Slemish Mountain herding sheep.  Patrick spent 6 long years on the mountain, during which time he found God.

Patrick had a dream from God to go to the coast.  He followed the dream and was able to escape his captors and return home to Roman Britain.  He was re-united with his family.  Patrick had another dream and believing in God’s message, he studied, was ordained a bishop.

Patrick was sent to preach the gospel to the people of Ireland.  He landed in Slane, Ireland and met a druid chieftain who through the grace of God Patrick converted and baptized Catholic.  Patrick used the shamrock (3 leafed clover) to illustrate the Trinity.

Patrick continued to evangelize throughout Ireland for over 40 years.  Faithful donated use of buildings for Churches throughout the country.  Patrick founded a church at Saul.  He preached there until he died in 461.

an excerpt from “The Breastplate,” Patrick’s poem of faith and trust in God:

“Christ be within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ inquired, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.”

Click here to read the entire poem.


Click to learn more about St. Patrick


Help your PTO make this a wonderful event for our students.  We need many hands on “race day” to ensure a safe and fun time for all.  Please  check the Sign Up for details on tasks and time slots available.  Thank you for your support of our Aquinas community.