Employment Opportunities

Requirements for teaching and instructional assistant positions:

General Qualifications 

Teacher Candidates-

Must be loyal, practicing Catholics who are motivated, enthusiastic and possess a deep interest in education (both spiritual and academic). Candidates should have good organizational and interpersonal skills. A strong background in the field of education (teaching experience) is also preferred. Effective classroom management and knowledge of best teaching practices, including differentiation, are essential. We are looking for a motivated and creative educator to be part of our supportive and faith-filled school community. Two years or more classroom teaching experience is preferred but we will consider newer teachers who are highly motivated. Candidates must possess current or be eligible for Virginia or VCEA teaching certification.

Substitute teachers- If you are interested in being included on our Sub List please submit your resume to the email listed in the sidebar. All substitute teachers must undergo a background check and be VIRTUS trained.

Instructional Assistant Candidates-

This position requires candidates to work with small groups and/or individuals for specific needs as directed by teacher:

  1. To reinforce assignments
  2. To give remedial help
  3. To provide enrichment

Tutors those individual students needing extra help, particularly those students with identified learning disabilities. Assists the teacher in the classroom where appropriate: co-op learning situations, math instruction, reading instruction, clean up, etc. Collaborates with teacher, makes suggestions and gives feedback regarding student progress, as well as utilizing the ability to follow the lead of the teacher in various classroom situations. Corrects minimal amount of student work as needed. Prepares classroom materials, e.g., copies, flashcards, etc. Displays student work on bulletin boards. Assists in preparing student folders with classroom and office notes. Performs other duties as assigned by the classroom teacher or administration. With the approval of principal, substitute for teacher when necessary.

Additional responsibilities

  • This aide position may be required to do morning duty/ dismissal duty
  • This aide position may be required to do active supervision for recess/lunch periods