Carpool Procedures

Morning Drop Off Procedures

Cars arriving in the morning should NOT enter the parking lot by any other route than Mary’s Way.

Parents form a carpool line around the perimeter of the parking lot.  Staff members direct the flow of traffic, forming two lines between the parking lot and the church.  Carpools enter the circle in front of the school building where they are directed to a stopping point in front of the teacher’s parking lot.  Staff members help children exit their vehicles safely onto the sidewalk. Several 8th grade students are also available to assist PreK students and those needing additional help.  If it is necessary for a parent to leave their car or come into the building, the drop-off procedure must be followed first, and then they may park in the parking lot before entering the building. Parents are not to walk their children to the sidewalks.

Students enter the school through the main entrance, gathering in the auditorium by grade level at 7:30AM.

When the children arrive after 8:15 AM, parents must park their cars in the parking lot, escort their children into the school office, and sign them in.  Late students may not enter the building unless they are escorted by an adult.

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures

Parents park their cars in the west or east side of the parking lot in a continuous line approximately 5 cars deep.  Cars parked in the west side will exit via Mary’s Way, and those parked in the east side exit via Easy Street. The faculty/staff supervise all dismissals.  Pre-K students are dismissed at the Pre-K entrance door directly to their parents.  Kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:50PM and escorted to the sidewalk in front of the church by their teachers where they will be met by their parents/guardians or carpool driver. All other children are dismissed immediately after prayers.  Parents are asked to meet their child at the front of the row in which they are parked.  We encourage everyone to be conscientious of the safety of all who are in the parking lot at dismissal time.

The lead faculty/staff member scheduled for dismissal duty will sound the first alarm, and give the voice command for everyone to return to their vehicles.  Three minutes later, the alarm is sounded again, with the announcement that anyone who has not found their vehicle to immediately move to the sidewalk.  When the lead faculty/staff member is certain that all the children are in their vehicles, or on the sidewalk, the dismissal procedure begins.

Cars are parked one behind the other in consecutive rows. They are dismissed row by row from the farthest end east and west of the center. The east end dismisses to Easy Street while the west end dismisses to Mary’s Way.

Students who do not have rides are escorted back to the sidewalk area in front of the school building by faculty/staff members.   After the normal dismissal of vehicles, late arrival drivers are directed to drive from the parking lot to the circle at the entrance of the school building to collect their children.