Morning Drop Off Procedures

Please follow the direction of the Aquinas staff members during morning drop off – they are there to guide you through the process. We ask that you do not get out of your car, staff members are there to assist your students and will come to your car to help them if needed. All students should exit on the passenger side of the vehicle and go directly to the sidewalk. Please do not pass on the left side of the stopped vehicles that are dropping off students. We will move the line forward as quickly as possible, passing on the left slows the process and causes confusion and potential safety issues. Thank you for your patience!

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures
  • As cars arrive, they should fill in the first row front to back, then the second row front to back and so on. -Green lines- (Row 1 starts closest to the entrance of the parking lot and rows move down toward exit to Easy Street)
  • Cars should place their pick up number in the front passenger side of the windshield
  • Monitors will call students to be dismissed in row order, beginning at 3:00 after prayers.
  • Please wait for a monitor to direct your row into the circle drive near the entrances to the school.-Orange Lines- (As for morning drop-off)
  • Students will exit the building and monitors will help direct them to their car using the carpool numbers assigned.
  • Once students have filled the cars in the circle, the drivers will be directed to exit.- Red Lines- onto Mary’s Way.

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