Staying Healthy

Happy Spring!

With the warm weather finally arriving, please encourage your students to stay hydrated.

Allergy season is beginning as you can see by the beautiful trees blooming. If your child takes seasonal allergy medication, it should be regularly administered during this time of year. Continue to remind students of good hygiene and frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of germs.

As the spring weather approaches and sports and outdoor activities increase, please remember if your child has any injuries that requires any special accommodations while in school, to please send in a doctor’s note specifying the injury, the accommodation and the length of time the student will require these modifications. If a student is required to miss PE class due to a physical injury or illness, a note from a physician is required.

If your child is required to use crutches, please refer to the handbook which states:

USE OF CRUTCHES An order from a Licensed Healthcare Provider is required to use crutches at school. If a student arrives at school on crutches without a doctor’s order, the parent will be called to take the student home. 

Thank you for your help keeping our school community safe and healthy!

All medication, including cough drops, must be kept in the clinic with the appropriate paperwork completed. Over the counter medication paperwork can be found on the website and only needs to be completed by a parent or guardian. Prescription medication requires a physician’s signature and information on the prescription filled in by the licensed health care provider. All of the forms are available on the website.