Uniform General
All uniform items, including the PE Uniform, should be purchased from Flynn and O’Hara at www.flynnohara.com/school/va089 or by phone at 1-800-441-4122, or at the Fair City Mall Store located at 9650 Main Street, Unit 20, Fairfax, VA 22031, (703)503-5966. Uniform apparel should be in good condition. No ripped, stained, or ill-fitting clothing.

The regular uniform may be worn all year. The Fall/Spring uniform is optional to wear and can only be worn from the first day of school until November and again from the beginning of April until the end of the school year. An announcement will be made in the school newsletter notifying parents of the specific dates.

All socks must be at least two inches above the shoe. No ankle socks are allowed.

Black Leather dress shoes should be either buckle or Oxford (lace-up). All shoe styles must have a distinguishable heel of no more than one inch in height. Boots, moccasins, deck, and ballerina type shoes are not permissible. Shoes must be kept in good condition: leather shoes should be cleaned or polished regularly and lace-up shoes should have laces replaced as soon as they become frayed or torn. Lace-up shoes must be kept tied at all times, and all shoe styles must be worn properly (i.e., fully tied or closed; foot fully inserted into the shoe.) Students are encouraged to change into sneakers for recess.

Hairstyles/Facial Hair
Boys hairstyles are expected to be simple, clean cut, evenly trimmed, and should not cover any part of the ears, eyebrows, or touch the shirt collar. Boys should have no facial hair. No unusual haircuts are permitted. Hair may not be dyed, bleached, tinted, tipped or highlighted. Girls hair should not hang down in front of the face and bangs should not touch the eyebrows. Girls may wear a small hair ribbon or barrette. Hair may not be dyed, bleached, tinted, tipped or highlighted. No makeup is allowed.

Girls may wear a small religious medal or crucifix. A single pair of small, post earrings to be worn in the earlobe (no hoops or dangling earrings), one simple ring, a watch, and a religious medal, cross, or crucifix on a chain may be worn. Boys may wear a simple watch, one simple ring, and a religious medal, cross, or crucifix on a chain may be worn; no earrings or nose rings.


Click on the pictures below to enlarge the  example pictures provided as an aid in the clarification of the uniform. Please see the sidebars on the left of this page for the full detailed uniform code for students.