Mission Philosophy

Philosophy of Learning Statement

In light of our motto, Faith and Reason, St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School believes it is essential to

  • offer a dynamic, faith-filled learning environment centered in the Person of Jesus Christ and following the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • partner with parents, the primary educators, in a whole-child approach that includes spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, artistic and physical formation.
  • provide a safe environment where children feel accepted and respected.
  • inspire students to desire knowledge and skill, allowing them to grow into lifelong learners.
  • meet the needs of diverse learners, promoting creativity and inquisitiveness  through a challenging academic curriculum as well as offering a variety of teaching methods and academic support services.
  • embrace the uniqueness of each child in a community of caring and supportive teachers whose instruction helps them grow in the love of God and others.
  • guide students to live well on earth so they may rejoice with God forever in heaven.