Extended Day (Before and After School Care)

During Extended Day hours please contact us on our Direct line: 703-491-9411

The St Thomas Aquinas Regional School Extended Day program provides a safe environment for the students of parents who work. The program is an extension of the school day but with a more relaxed atmosphere. Only Aquinas School students are eligible for enrollment in the program. The Program is regulated by the Department of Education, Division of Licensing as a religious exempt program.

Registered full time users have priority on available spaces. Part time users are enrolled if space is available. Fees are billed on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month. Families are billed for the day and sessions registered, not for the days used.

The morning sessions begin at 6am & 7am and end at 7:50 am when the students are dismissed to go to class. The afternoon program begins at dismissal (3:00 pm) and ends at 6:00 pm. The afternoon is divided into 3 different sessions according to pick up time (B1= 4:00, B2=5:00, and B3=6:00). On days that school is dismissed early (12:00pm or 2:00pm) an additional session is added to the afternoon to include the time between early dismissal and 3:00 pm (normal dismissal time). Late fees are assessed after 6pm.

The daily routine includes snack, optional study hall, outdoor play time as well as indoor games and crafts. The students are grouped into five rooms according to age and grade. Each room has a lead “teacher” and a second adult when available. Students are also given the opportunity to attend home sporting events.

The Extended Day students and parents have found that the program is both convenient because it offers on-site supervision with no transportation necessary and is consistent with the values and priorities of the school.

  • Extended Day opens at 6:00 am and we close at 6:00 pm.
  • We offer Morning only sessions and/or Afternoon only sessions.
  • We do not offer Drop-in care.
  • We provide an afternoon snack option, including a drink (milk), daily.
  • We offer a voluntary study hall period after roll is taken and snack is eaten.
  • Students are grouped by age range into 6 different rooms that are equipped with age appropriate materials. The students are offered outdoor playtime weather permitting.
  • Bills are issued at the beginning of the month for that month. We bill based on the schedule the student has registered under (approximately $4.70 per hour).
  • Early Release Sessions are separate from the regularly scheduled sessions and parents have the option to register for them in addition to a regular afternoon session or they may register for ONLY Early Release Sessions which run until 3:00pm.