“. . . Catholic education—and especially the Catholic School, the one place where such an education is made available in an integrated, consistent and clear manner—provides the ideal setting for rediscovering the faith anew and encountering the Lord Jesus as a Person. In a word the Catholic School is the finest herald and the strongest protagonist for the New Evangelization. Students, teachers, staff and parents together will rediscover the faith and encounter Jesus Christ, above all, in His Real presence in the Eucharist.”
~ Bishop Loverde ~

Annual Appeal

For over 40 years, St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School has offered a quality Catholic education in the Dominican tradition serving the Woodbridge community in the Diocese of Arlington. Inside this humble building, students are taught the precious truths of our Catholic faith in an environment that helps them to integrate that faith into all aspects of life. Generous benefactors such as yourself join us in furthering our mission of forming the next generation of young Catholic minds. We are so grateful to each of you for your support.

Our Catholic faith teaches that “Catholic schools are a vital part of the teaching mission of the church.” At Aquinas, we strive to provide an education that is both affordable and accessible for our families but we cannot do that without the support of our entire Catholic community. Recent statements of the church have affirmed “the burden of supporting Catholic schools can no longer be placed solely on the individual parishes that support them or the families that pay tuition. The future of Catholic education depends on the Catholic community.” Your support is integral to the success of Aquinas!

We are grateful for your prayerful consideration of this 2020 school year Annual Appeal. Our benefactors and their intentions remain in our prayers weekly as a school community. May God continue to bless you and keep your loved ones close to His heart.

*All quotes are from the USCCB writings on Catholic education located on their website at

Tuition Angels

The Tuition Angels program is for Aquinas families who are experiencing temporary hardships.  They may be unexpectedly out of work, have experienced a severe medical condition, or some other unforeseen circumstance.  Through Tuition Angels we are able to help them meet their tuition obligation through the end of the school year.


Over the years, our school has been blessed with many generous benefactors who demonstrate their support of Catholic education and honor their cherished loved ones through the creation of scholarships. If you are interested in establishing a memorial fund or would like to donate to a general scholarship opportunity, please contact Pamela Howser at We are happy to provide more information.