School Counselor

School Counselor

Why do we have a School Counselor at St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School?

Counselors provide access to a comprehensive school counseling program which allows students to have their social, emotional, and academic needs met at their developmental level.

Counselors play a vital role in advocating for a safe, nurturing, and dynamic learning environment for all students, not just those with identified emotional or academic needs.

Counselors collaborate with parents and teachers to develop and implement strategies and interventions which address the individual needs of each child.
School counselors must understand and use the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counseling to guide our practice and decision making.

When does the School Counselor get involved?

Parents or students may initiate contact with the School Counselor concerning specific issues involving a number of topics, including those related to grief, self-esteem, friendship, social skills, divorce, illness or other family issues. Once the School Counselor is contacted and the problem identified, information may be gathered from parents, students, teachers, the student’s files, and upon parental consent, the family doctor, when necessary.

Teachers are often the primary source of information concerning a student’s academic, social or behavioral issues, and may initiate contact with the School Counselor to discuss areas of concern before contacting parents. The counselor and teacher will plan possible solutions to specific areas of concern which may exist in the classroom. Teachers may also refer parents to the School Counselor to discuss these issues, and to collaborate with them in addressing the student’s needs.

What other ways does the School Counselor help in the school?

Classroom guidance lessons in all grade levels, according to student needs: friendship skills, conflict resolution strategies, planning for high school, organization and time management.

Short-term counseling to students, to help them resolve or handle problems while in school. Students may drop in or schedule a time before, during, or after school.

Small group counseling. These groups require parental permission and focus on specific issues. Past student groups have been offered for friendship/social skills, dealing with divorce, stress-management , and learning to handle a “bully”. Groups usually meet twice a week for two weeks and are scheduled at times which best avoid academic learning times.

Parental support. The School Counselor is here to assist the students as well as families of St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School by providing referrals for children who need additional services outside the school setting, or to lend an ear and offer advice to parents seeking information.


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As I noted on my office door last year…”You can’t get a rainbow without a little rain.”  We don’t yet know what good things God has planned for us after these trying times.  My hope is that we remain hopeful about the future, resilient in our attitude, and persevere in our positivity!

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have specific concerns or suggestions.  God bless you!


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This link below will provide some tools and ideas to try if you find your child is experiencing some difficulties with anger, communicating how they feel, self-esteem, or misbehavior.  These approaches are often used in play therapy, but some may be practical for you at home.

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