B.A., Spanish, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Collegiate Professional License, Commonwealth of Virginia, Spanish Pre K-12
Certified Spanish and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher
Served as a youth minister at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church
Received a Washington Post grant for teachers entitled “Talavera Tiles” at St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School
Previously served as the Athletic representative for the PTO


Assistant middle school athletic director



“In 1977 I was fortunate enough to be part of St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School  as a student when it first opened with our founding principal, Sister Christine Born. After receiving my Spanish degree and studying in Valencia, I taught several years in Prince William County Public Schools. I then came to Aquinas and implemented the high school Spanish program. After taking time away to raise my family, I am very excited to be back at Aquinas teaching Spanish and helping with athletics in the school. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be back at Aquinas teaching and sharing my love of Spanish and the Catholic faith in the classroom.”

Students in 7th & 8th grade have Spanish 4 days a week.  Spanish 1 is taught over 6th, 7th & 8th grade.

Students acquire Spanish through comprehensible input including stories, songs, videos, games, and activities.

Active participation and listening is key.  How do you actively participate?  Focus on the speaker and look around the room for clues. Ask questions when you need more information and come to class with your materials EVERY day.

For homework information, check This Week’s Planner and Google Classroom. There are links to both websites on the sidebar.

Both classes will each read 1-2 Spanish novels this year.  The books are read and kept in the classroom but if you would like a copy at home many titles can be found on Amazon.

8th graders will read  Brandon Brown Quiere Un Perro – Carol Gaab

7th graders will read El Chico Global- Leslie Davison

*subject to change


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Listed below are some websites that can help you practice at home.