M.A., Elementary Education, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
B.A., English/Communications, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) Certification
15 years of teaching in the Diocese of Arlington VA
3 years of teaching in Virginia private schools
Advanced Catechist Certification, Diocese of Arlington
PTO Faculty Representative
Private tutor 4 years

I love teaching second grade at Aquinas. I am able to see the students continue their journey in reading, math, and especially in their relationship with Jesus. What an unbelievable privilege that is!

“Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.”

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Welcome to the Second Grade at St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School. I am looking forward to working with you and your child over the school year. My goal is to make your child’s learning experience a truly positive one. 

  -2B Mrs. Jacobeen and Mrs. Savage   


Second grade is an exciting time for the children as they begin a year of important changes and the learning of new skills. The children will receive two Sacraments this year: They will make their first Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Receiving these Sacraments are important occasions in our children’s lives as they allow them to develop a closer relationship with God and the Church. This relationship is nurtured through daily prayer, weekly Mass/Prayer service and classroom discussion.

Second grade is also a time when children mature academically and socially. This is a pivotal year when the children make the transition from learning to read towards reading to learn. They are becoming independent readers and are learning to read with understanding, fluency, and expression. The AR program gives the children the freedom to choose their own books and test their comprehension skills through computerized quizzes. The children will become more independent writers. We will work with the Excellence In Writing Program that has daily assignments that ask students  to respond to writing prompts and literature. Consistent practice of these skills is helping them to become more creative writers. They will  also work on the writing process and will published many pieces of work. In math the children will  work on  place value and building fluency with addition and subtraction. Throughout the year these basic skills are expanded and applied to more complex problems. This allows the children to become more confident in approaching difficult problems by breaking them down into a series of simple steps.

It is exciting to observe these monumental transitions in the children’s education. I enjoy nurturing these developments in school, but it is also important for the students to continue practicing these skills at home. Together, we can help them continue to grow into inquisitive, creative, loving children of God.

Thank you for sending your treasures to me each day, I feel very blessed to be a part of their lives.


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